ETABS workshop and Interaction with Industry Experts

Protrainy is an IIM B preincubated educational company which offers a seamless transition from being a core branch engineering student to an industry ready expert. Landing skill requisites which precisely fit market demand is tougher than landing a job itself. Protrainy fills this grey gap between acquiring knowledge and using it as an industry configured skill.

As design is a very crucial part in civil engineering with dynamic results and analysis which is predicted with strategic behavior of components like beam, Columns, Slabs, it is very important to find the thing related to design and analysis of Structure. This session is carried to design a High Rise Building using ETABS. It is a tool used to Design and Analysis of Individual components of any Structure. We shall conduct a practical session for practice of Design and Analysis of High Raised Structure in step by step with detail project report and generating concept of Reinforced Concrete Structure.

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  • The major objective of the workshop is to practically train participants in using the ETABS software.
  • Certificate of participation from Megalith, IIT Kharagpur

Registration Procedure

  • Sign up as participant for Megalith 2020. (*skip this step if register already)
  • Sign in to access the "Participant Details" portal.
  • In the "Participant Details" portal, click on the "Register Now" button to register for the workshop

Fee Details

  • The fees for Workshop + Accomodation is Rs 900. (To be paid at the registration desk during the fest.)
  • If paid online, the fees will be Rs 800. *Service charges may apply.
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